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Fundraise Up: The #1 Online Giving Platform for Nonprofits on HubSpot

In a previous article, I discussed the need for growth-oriented nonprofits to incorporate technology into their business culture.

A digital transformation helps keep your organization relevant, because you’re able to engage stakeholders on their terms in a one-to-one, impactful way.

To do this effectively, you need an effective customer relationship management system (CRM) as part of your “tech stack” foundation—one that tracks and manages donor, volunteer, and beneficiary interactions and cultivates constituents with personalized journeys.

Enter HubSpot for Nonprofits.

Why HubSpot for Nonprofits is Worth Considering

With HubSpot’s 40% nonprofit discount and user-friendly interface, thousands of nonprofits have adopted it as their marketing platform.

HubSpot gives you the power to reach the right donors through the right channels with the right message.

To take advantage of its capabilities, many have turned to CauseMic for guidance on leveraging HubSpot to optimize donations.

For example, check out what Chief Marketing Officer Noah Horton of Greater Good Charities has to say about HubSpot and CauseMic.

With HubSpot, you get:

  • Easy-to-use marketing tools that don’t require a CRM expert 
  • Powerful analytics that allow you to identify the most effective channels and content 
  • Personalized content for your donors that lead to increased revenue 
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) that allows Salesforce users to benefit from HubSpot’s ease of use

Not to mention that, with HubSpot Hubs, you can purchase only what you need and scale as desired over time.

Okay—so you onboard HubSpot as your nonprofit CRM. What then?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Which online giving platform is best for nonprofits on HubSpot?”

The answer is simple: Fundraise Up.

Fundraise Up’s Powerful and Exclusive Integration with HubSpot

Fundraise Up is the first online fundraising platform to natively integrate with HubSpot and automatically synchronize donation data between the two systems in real time.

This seamless, trustworthy marriage is one of the reasons we say it’s the only choice for HubSpot-based nonprofits.

Another reason is Fundraise Up’s advanced data mapping capabilities, allowing you to sync over 100 of its fields, properties, and objects to HubSpot.

Let’s say you want donors who gave to a specific fundraising campaign to be added as a quarterly ask in HubSpot. Or you want to link a recurring donor to opt-in emails. Or create a special virtual journey for particular donors.

Your Fundraise Up options are more than plentiful.

You’ll also have fewer duplicate records. Fundraise Up uses HubSpot’s rules settings to find any matching contact records when a transaction is recorded. Like discovering that a donor is also part of a giving family and managing that information accordingly.

Plus, the Fundraise Up-HubSpot integration is free for all Fundraise Up users, as opposed to other giving platforms needing third-party tools that not only cost money but sync less.

In short, you’ll want to go with Fundraise Up!

Not only is it a breeze to harness HubSpot’s strengths, but it’s also built to bring your nonprofit fundraising to a whole new level.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Nonprofit Fundraising

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from millions of donors, Fundraise Up maximizes revenue by personalizing donation amounts and encouraging monthly giving.

Fundraise Up also uses data points like the donor’s mobile device to customize your ask. For example, it can increase donor engagement by tailoring payment options for different platforms, like Apple Pay for iPhones or Google Pay for Androids.

Chargebacks and credit card declines can be costly for a nonprofit. Fundraise Up prevents these by using machine learning to enable secure, reliable donation processing.

And here’s something really cool—Fundraise Up’s AI determines which donors should be encouraged to cover any card fees associated with their donations. This is an easy way for nonprofits to keep more of their donations for programs.

Partners in Health hired CauseMic to implement and integrate HubSpot, Salesforce, and Fundraise Up. The results were fantastic, including 85% of their donor fees being covered using Fundraise Up’s AI.


“We’ve seen less abandoned checkout, increased monthly donations, increased mobile donations, and increased coverage of transaction fees.”


Speaking of donations, Fundraise Up makes it easy to turn visitors into donors.

Optimized Giving Forms for Higher Conversions

Frustration with the giving process is a major cause for donor abandonment and lost revenue. Fundraise Up removes this friction with embeddable, lightning-fast giving forms.

They’re optimized for mobile devices for a smooth, simplified donation experience. This includes accepting all kinds of payments including cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and even non-cash payment methods like stocks and cryptocurrency.

From suggested giving amounts to offering company matching, Fundraise Up makes all of the donor’s decision making fast and painless.

And you don’t need technical know-how to make any of this happen.

Fundraise Up Averages a 30% Increase in Nonprofit Online Revenue

Fundraise Up’s elements allow marketers with no technical expertise to add pre-built buttons, sliders, overlays, and other components into their websites.

You can create an interactive experience that draws donors in by combining elements on any page of your website. One of our favorites is the pulsing donation button, readily drawing the donor’s attention.

When combined with Fundraise Up’s AI, these elements contribute to an average 30% increase in online revenue for our nonprofit clients.

That’s even higher when you task the Fundraise Up-Hubspot combo to send personalized journeys for maximum impact.

Seamless integration, advanced AI capabilities, optimized giving forms, donation-inducing elements—it all speaks to Fundraise Up being the best online giving platform on HubSpot.

In a nutshell, it’s the ideal choice for nonprofits aiming to maximize donations and succeed in their digital transformations.

CauseMic can help your nonprofit evaluate HubSpot and Fundraise Up

Choosing the right nonprofit marketing and giving solutions can be overwhelming.

We’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits plan for, implement, and execute their digital transformations. And we’re here to help yours. 

Just book a free Scale Session with us. We can answer your questions about digital transformation, and you can decide if we’re the right partners to make it happen!