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Calling all changemakers

Purpose-filled work for driven individuals

When you work at CauseMic, your work has a real impact

We’re a closely-knit crew of skilled strategists, specialists, and project managers, working collaboratively to create the best possible solutions for our clients.

At CauseMic, we are proud to work with incredible nonprofits all over the country, supporting veterans, the environment, social justice, and more. It’s innovative, purpose-driven work, helping today’s important causes get the attention and funding they need.

Together, we continue to learn and grow — professional development is an essential part of the gig. More than that, we enjoy spending time together, whether it’s a lively brainstorming session or a spirited debate about the merits of Crocs in modern life.


Come for the great benefits, stay for the stimulating Slack chats.

  • 100% employer-sponsored health, vision, and dental plans
  • Generous vacation and sick time
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Seven paid holidays
  • 401(k) with employer contribution
  • Profit sharing
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Working alongside incredible teammates and clients who make time fly

Our values

Company values are #trending, but ours aren’t some vague, inspirational guidelines copied out of a quote-of-the-day calendar. Our values say something about who we are, how we operate, and what we strive for every day.


Sleeves up

We’re builders and doers. We can create a meaningful strategy and get down to brass tacks. No one is too good or overqualified to handle the tactical work. In fact, we thrive in the execution phase of any project just as much as we love brainstorming about big ideas. And if you’re keen on just ripping off your sleeves, well, that’s cool too. Just remember we’re headquartered in Portland, OR, and highly recommend traveling with layers.


Success is not final

Winston Churchill wrote, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” We celebrate the wins and reflect on the misses, but we’re always thinking about our next best move on behalf of the organizations we serve - whether tried and true methods or a hail mary FTW.


The future belongs to the curious

Defined and fostered in the digital age, CauseMic’s affinity for innovation remains steadfast. We save the good ole days banter for high school reunions and work to blaze trails with new technologies and techniques on behalf of our clients’ missions. Disclaimer: we may involuntarily twitch in response to the phrase “because it’s always been done that way.”


Show, don't tell

We definitely value articulate spark plugs who can win hearts and minds on stage, but ultimately, we let our revenue-generating work do the talking. Showing may not always be the most efficient method, but it’s always the most effective. At the root of fundraising is a story that’s human-centered and compels someone to take action. Guess you could say we’re in show business.


Make time fly

If time flies when you’re having fun, we lost track of it in 2013 when CauseMic was established. A work day (and life) is too short to dwell on the obstacles, so we choose to focus on the opportunities, build an alternative path, and probably laugh too much while we’re at it.


Proud to be recognized as one of Oregon's best places to work

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Each and every day, our clients roll up their sleeves and get to work solving big challenges that face us all. While these folks are heroes and are making an undeniable impact, it’s important to remember we all have a role to play in making the world better.

At CauseMic, we want to live in a more just and equitable society, and are committed to playing our part in its transformation. After all, it’s part of our foundation and current state – our team is made up of individuals from different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, religious beliefs, nationalities, physical abilities, and more.

We are made better by diverse perspectives which is why we need folks around us with diverse experiences. We also believe that success is not final, and continue to seek ways to invest in ourselves and our clients to build a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world. To do so certainly leads to better creativity and innovation, but importantly, it leads to folks living more fulfilled lives.

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