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The no-BS book for the busy nonprofit boss

The High-Growth Nonprofit

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This book is perfect for a busy nonprofit boss who’s looking to save time, raise more, and amplify your impact.

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You’ll learn how to:


Cultivate a culture where your mission’s greatest asset—its people—can thrive in a fast, high-growth environment.


Unlock the efficiency and potential growth of concrete processes at every step.


Leverage the right technology at the right time to match your mission’s phase of growth.

The High-Growth Nonprofit

This inaugural book by nonprofit pro Matt Scott wastes no time, so you can learn to quickly grow your nonprofit and get back to doing just that.

It’s full of lessons learned from more than a decade spent helping leaders fully fund their missions, including numerous stints inside the walls of high-growth nonprofits, such as Team Rubicon.

  • I've worked in both the marketing and nonprofit spaces for nearly two decades, and The High-Growth Nonprofit is the most practical guide for success I've come across. Matt's wealth of experience, witty humor, and gold nuggets of wisdom make this a must-read for any nonprofit leader to maximize their organization's impact.  

    Drew Friedrich
    COO at Operation Blessing

  • I plowed through the book on my flight back from a conference where I heard Matt speak. I’ve ordered copies for my whole team, as this is the most valuable book I’ve ever come across for leaders trying to make sense of all the things to do to grow.

    Dafny Vogel
    VP of Marketing at Greater Good Charities

  • A big thing that changed for me is my mindset. The way I look at fundraising BB (before the book) vs AB (after the book) has changed. I think bigger now. I realize that we can do so much more if we're strategic.

    Pamela Slaughter
    Founder and Executive Director at People of Color Outdoors

  • The biggest take-away from the book was identifying all single points of failure. I am our single point of failure. Task by task, I am creating descriptions and have already handed off some of them. Thank you for that!  

    Carla Grant
    Executive Director at Open Hearts Open Minds

  • This is the book I wish I had when building our nonprofit Project Koru. I love how easy it is to put it to use leading my team.

    Tonia Farman
    CEO at Queen of Hearts

  • This is an actionable and insightful read to increase your nonprofit’s impact. Matt has a friendly, honest writing style, making it fun to read. He shares plenty of examples and takeaways.

    Drew Keske
    Director, Sustainability Experiences at The Momentum

About the author

Matt Scott is the CEO and Co-founder of CauseMic, a consultancy helping nonprofits leverage the best-in-class for-profit methods to grow their organization.

Before CauseMic, he was in your shoes as a fundraising leader on the inside of numerous young and fast nonprofits—one of which he helped take from $275,000 to $51 million in seven years.

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