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Hubspot Is Now Optimized For Your Nonprofit.

Adding nonprofit capabilities to an established marketing CRM is another milestone in our mission of making for-profit technology accessible for donor-funded organizations.

I’ve got to admit, it felt validating to hear a name like HubSpot asking for us to build them a donation-ready CRM—customer relationship management system. I tried not to come off too excited.

Helping nonprofits fire up a CRM from purchase to post-campaign analytics is our chef’s special. Knowing the exact tools an organization needs to grow wasn’t the question.

The hill I faced before me was how.

Luckily, I wasn’t alone. HubSpot’s product development team was right in the trenches with me.

My short list of donor relations functions to build before we’d eventually smash the champagne bottle looked like this:

  •  Nonprofit-relevant terminology
  • Donor contact metrics
  •  Pipelines organized by giving levels
  • Grants management tools
  • Offline/online donations tracking  
  • Full-view fundraising campaign reports
  • Dashboards for donor KPIs

 Where revenue meets the road ahead

My time in the world of fundraising has taught me that having defined giving levels and transparent donor reports can empower decision makers.

Adding comprehensive dashboards that show donations by time, donor segments, level, restriction, and campaign puts insights at the fingertips of CDOs, managers, and strategy executors. 

We made it possible to track donor journeys with contact metrics specific to donor actions. Understanding a donor’s stage in the journey is critical in fundraising, such as your end-of-year campaign.

HubSpot’s CRM is now outfitted with a grants management tab where managers can input qualification and application criteria and a whole lot more. Grants often make up a large percentage of a nonprofit’s revenue but come with strict guidelines attached.

I could go on but you get the picture.

We hit bumps in the road along the way, but it made the outcomes stronger in the end. 

But what I’m most excited for is its ability to seamlessly connect the donor metrics and insights with an organization’s growth strategy.

Why this should matter to nonprofit leaders

For too long, nonprofits have had a limited pick of CRMs. And often the solution involves tying a rope between multiple systems to house giving data and communicate with your donors.

Things like tracking fundraising campaigns or creating donor reports require tools uniquely built for nonprofits.With the HubSpot CRM upgrades, nonprofits have access to one of the best for-profit tools built to meet their donor relationship needs. 

Donors expect more in our digital-first age, such as personalized messaging that says this organization knows me and how much I’ve given. Having a CRM built for nonprofits deepens those relationships by showing you the KPIs you rely on to inform your strategies.

HubSpot was already a great marketing CRM, and CauseMic’s nonprofit and tech savvy expertise has enabled a wider range of possibilities for the mission-driven teams.

"CauseMic has been such an amazing thought partner and contributor to the HubSpot for Nonprofits team and ecosystem. They deeply understand nonprofit needs and are creative and flexible in crafting the best solutions and strategies for each organization they serve." — Julia HubSpot Director of Nonprofits

Are you in the market for a nonprofit-amplifying CRM?

Wandering out alone is dangerous even with top-of-the-line GPS equipment.

A CRM is the same way and an implementation partner can prevent you from getting lost and wasting your return.

Partner with my team and I at CauseMic—a team who’s been in your shoes and is here to help you grow.

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