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Year End Donations Fund Running Water

Case Study

Year-End Fundraising

DigDeep logo

DigDeep's community-led projects bring clean, hot and cold running water into American homes.

The Challenge

DigDeep’s goal is to provide a basic, essential resource—clean, running water—to over two million people currently living without it in the United States.

However, in their efforts to fundraise for this noble mission, they ran into capacity constraints heading into the October-December timeframe.

They already had beautiful, compelling storytelling. However, they needed help in getting it to the right people in the right way for substantial year-end donations.

Moreover, various sections within their website proved to be less than effective for converting visitors into donors.

So for their fourth-quarter campaign, they sought answers to questions like:

  • Which marketing channels are converting at the highest rate?
  • What can we do to ensure our message is reaching our intended audience? 
  • How can we improve our existing landing pages?
  • What is the optimal cadence for communicating with existing supporters? 

Our Solution

With both technological, marketing, and project management expertise, we helped DigDeep reach and surpass their year-end goals. To do so, we:

  • Segmented audiences for optimal messaging
  • Strategically automated DigDeep’s donor journeys to both steward and cultivate
  • Employed multi-channel marketing (email, SMS, social media ads, direct mail)
  • Utilized multiple donor touch points to increase probability of donation
  • Optimized the donation and applicable landing pages for greater visitor conversion
  • Configured Google Analytics for more informed decision-making

The Results

$1.6 million

Amount raised during year-end efforts


Year-over-year increase for end-of-year


Year-over-year increase for Giving Tuesday


Conversion rate for website visitors


Conversion rate for email journeys

$160 & $345

Average online and direct-mail gift amounts

DigDeep email designs
DigDeep web designs

The Client Review

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Alan DixonCEO at Organization

We can help you maximize your year-end fundraising.

Whether year-end or year-round, successful fundraising campaigns start with an actionable plan. Whatever your constraints, we can help plan and execute yours!  

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