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Case Study

Rapid Growth Plan

Seeds Of Peace

Developing courageous young leaders who will create more just and inclusive societies.

The Challenge

Based in New York, Seeds of Peace (SOP) empowers young people from global areas of conflict to lead the charge for a future without division, polarization, and violence.

First, its summer camp in Maine brings together youth and educators from troubled regions to develop the skills and understanding necessary to build peace.

SOP then provides local programming to support camp graduates, known as Seeds, once they return home, helping them grow their learning into lasting societal change.

Although SOP’s mission attracted a fairly large audience, their growth was limited by such aspects as (a) a relatively small number of donors, (b) uncompelling, outdated, or off-point messaging, and (c) lack of clarity about what to concentrate on scaling.

These limitations impeded achieving what they considered their next level: Doubling their revenue within a few years to serve thousands annually instead of just hundreds of youth.

When they approached us, they essentially asked two primary questions:

  • How do we scale programs and fundraising?
  • How might we modernize our communications and tech stack to do the most good?
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Our Solution

In general, it appeared that their operational strategy needed more focus and clarity. To help provide that, we executed our Rapid Growth Plan for them.

Simply put, our Rapid Growth Plan brings into sharp relief the specifics needed to achieve organizational goals. We provided Seeds of Peace with the following action-oriented documents:

  • One-page strategic plan that clearly outlined Seeds of Peace’s key strategic objectives, audiences, and content themes, along with a timeline to accomplish their expanded annual revenue goal.
  • Project backlog that identified key activities and projects to undertake over the course of the next year to support their goals. First and foremost were what we consider the “sweet spot” – those tasks having high impact with low effort, representing quick wins that can jumpstart work necessary to overcome challenges.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracker that helped them identify measurable goals and the key milestones needed to accomplish them on time.
  • We also provided a table of “tech stack” recommendations to optimize data management, collaboration, and both internal and external communications.

The Results

Seeds of Peace now operates with a clear, actionable plan to scale their revenue generating efforts.

They have a sharp focus on the audiences and opportunities that will most quickly help them grow their nonprofit.

Senior leaders enjoy greater alignment on priorities by using a shared, repeatable framework for ranking key initiatives.

They’re now aware of which software platforms would have the most beneficial impact on each aspect of their operations.

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The Client Review

We engaged with CauseMic to take a look at our use case and our needs and to identify the most appropriate tools that we should be using.

When moving over to HubSpot, we’ve seen organic traffic increase, we’ve seen bounce rates decrease, pages per session increase—so definitely, when it comes to growth statistics, we’ve seen in particular email engagement skyrocket.”

Noah HortonCOO at Greater Good Charities

We can help with significant growth.

Your Rapid Growth Plan is customized with a keen focus on achievable goals, providing a clear and executable roadmap toward greater impact and revenue.

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