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Case Study

HubSpot Marketing Hub Implementation

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Rescuing and rehabilitating animals, and helping to protect their natural habitats.

The Challenge

Headquartered in Washington DC, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is active in more than 40 countries to protect animal species around the world.

Their global efforts have helped reduce poaching and wildlife trafficking, trained wildlife officers, vaccinated animals against rabies, and rescued and released both land and aquatic animals.

Moreover, IFAW partners with communities, governments, and non-governmental entities to address conservation, animal rescue, wildlife crime, cruelty practices, and disaster response.

However, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) did not have the functionality needed by their marketing team to execute fast-paced, region-specific campaigns. Plus, in addition to its notable expense, the system required an inordinate amount of time and specialty knowledge to use it effectively.

IFAW posed the following questions to CauseMic:

  • Needing marketing for eight global regions, how can we speed up our content creation for each?
  • How do we ensure compliance with the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its equivalents in other global regions? NOTE: The EU’s GDPR is a set of strict rules that gives citizens control over their personally identifiable information. Wherever based in the world, organizations violating these rules are subject to steep fines.
  • In previous email appeals, we used custom coding within SFMC for personalizing suggested donation amounts based on a donor’s giving history. How can we replicate this same custom gift string functionality in HubSpot?

Our Solution

To address IFAW’s areas of concern, CauseMic:

  • Implemented HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise to replace Salesforce Marketing Cloud and migrated their existing records into the new system.
  • Created repeatable email content sections that could be easily interchanged based on region without the need for labor-intensive reentering of content. 
  • Set up subscription management tools that managed the GDPR-type requirements of each region, such as data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, incident management, security principles, transparency, and so on.
  • Developed a two-part solution to replicate IFAW’s previous SFMC gift string functionality. In some cases, custom-coded modules were able to replicate the process in emails that used a constant format (e.g., photo to the left, headline right, body copy underneath). Part two was an external link builder tool to handle more fluid situations, like customized donation asks that could appear anywhere within the body of an email.

The Results

Email production for all eight regions is faster and more efficient for both content and personalization.

IFAW’s system is built for expansion with ready-made tools, including templates for guiding content and solid examples to mirror in a variety of situations.

Adherence to GDPR requirements is now managed by a custom-built tool.

Their HubSpot Hub can readily support integration with numerous applications and platforms for future expansion.

The Client Review

Internally, it felt like a rough time for us to launch a new website. But CauseMic was so supportive throughout the entire process, and I knew we were in great hands! We really couldn’t have asked for more. CauseMic is top tier.”

Nicole ChanDirector of Marketing & Communications 

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