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Year End Donations Fund Running Water

Case Study

HubSpot and Salesforce Implementation

Greater Good Charities

Working to help people, pets, and the planet by mobilizing in response to need and amplifying the good.

The Challenge

Greater Good Charities (GGC) has a noble, sweeping mission across four broad fronts: People, pets, conservation, and disasters.

Their nationwide focus on pets includes providing food, supplies, and shelter renovation, along with notable support for medical, transport, and training needs.

Globally, GGC assists vulnerable populations with food, education, and survival basics, while using habitat protection and community education to safeguard endangered plant and wildlife species.

Lastly, they work with communities worldwide to help prepare people and pets for impending natural disasters and provide on-the-ground assistance to those who are already survivors.

With multi-mission programs involving numerous countries and a variety of donor access points, it’s vital that GGC’s messaging be relevant, timely, and correctly targeted.

However, GGC was severely hampered by systems that didn’t talk to each other, primarily Raiser’s Edge (their constituent relationship management system, or CRM) and Zaius, their marketing automation platform.

There was simply no way for Zaius to use Raiser’s Edge donor data to trigger effective automated workflows to segmented audiences.

Numerous other platforms were unintegrated as well, all of which contributed to a lack of clarity regarding donor journeys and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Greater Good posed the following questions to us:

  • How can we provide relevant and timely content to our donors and other supporters based on their cause interest (people, pets, planet, or disasters)?
  • How can we better understand a donor’s journey, from their first interaction with GGC to when they actually make a donation?
  • We have multiple partners that fundraise for us, such as “I Heart Dogs.” How can we know which donors come to us directly vs. which came through a particular partner?
  • How can we track data from all of our non-partner donation sources?
A Greater Good Charities volunteer feeding a cat

Our Solution

  • We replaced Raiser’s Edge with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Zaius with HubSpot Marketing Hub, integrating them in a way that ensured seamless, two-way donor data sharing and management.
  • We used HubSpot multitouch revenue attribution reporting to give GGC insight into all of the different interactions a donor encounters prior to making a donation.
  • We developed scoring consisting of donations each donor gave to which cause area, enabling GGC to prioritize which arena held the most interest for that donor.
  • We created the ability for GGC to track the source of virtually every donation.
  • We developed efficient Salesforce integrations for previously unintegrated fundraising platforms including Classy, Give Lively, Harness, Fundraise Up and—for various year-end causes to which a donor would like to give—Shopify.
  • We built a batch gift entry tool for sources that couldn’t be integrated, such as Facebook fundraising and GGC’s fundraising partners. This included templates for exporting data from these sources and then importing the data into Salesforce.

The Results

GGC now had the clarity to understand each donor’s journey, from initial contact through what ultimately prompted a donation.

Knowing each donor’s cause of choice enabled GGC to segment their audiences and to communicate with relevant content.

Syncing data into Salesforce from multiple giving platforms provided GGC with powerful insights into donor behavior, campaign effectiveness, and areas for improvement.

Being able to distinguish through which fundraising partner a donor came enabled GGC to send appropriate messaging (e.g., “Thank you for giving to us through I Heart Dogs!”). This prevented donors from wondering why someone called “Greater Good Charities” was contacting them at all.

The ability to track visitor and supporter actions in real time permitted GGC to execute timely, automated workflows for subsequent engagement.

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"We engaged with CauseMic to take a look at our use case and our needs and to identify the most appropriate tools that we should be using.

When moving over to HubSpot, we’ve seen organic traffic increase, we’ve seen bounce rates decrease, pages per session increase—so definitely, when it comes to growth statistics, we’ve seen in particular email engagement skyrocket.”

Greater Good Charities

Noah Horton
COO at Greater Good Charities

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