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Website Redesign

Golden Heart Fund

Providing ethos-guided support for players and families after the 4th Quarter ends

The Challenge

The typical pro football player’s career is over after only three years and can end quite abruptly, making the shift to life after the NFL a formidable experience. Serving former San Francisco 49ers, The Golden Heart Fund (GHF) provides “a bridge that eases this transition” by providing quality, personalized support from peers who understand the challenges.
In order to garner more support, GHF needed a clearer value proposition, one that lent itself to communicating their unique benefits to both supporters and clients. It had to be crafted in such a way to compel donors to give. Plus—understanding the courage and humility it takes to ask for help—the value proposition also had to maintain the dignity of the players doing so.
Moreover, following a leadership transition and renewed effort to expand impact, a redesigned website needed to quickly go live before the relaunch of their annual Golden Heart Run fundraiser.

Accordingly, CauseMic needed to answer GHF’s following questions:

  • How can a newly designed website quickly go live ahead of a relaunch of our annual event?
  • How can we clearly tell our story while honoring the vulnerability of those we serve?

Our Solution

We addressed The Golden Heart Fund’s challenges and questions by:
  • Overhauling their website and moving to HubSpot’s Content Management System
  • Crafting new core messaging that promoted player dignity while driving home clarity for those new to GHF’s work
  • Relaunching the website in an accelerated timeline by dividing the project into phases. The following year we added blog and multi-language functionality.

The Results

A website much easier to update for their nimble team

A revised value proposition for improved messaging with prospective donors and partners

An optimized platform for more dynamic, compelling storytelling

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DigDeep web designs
  • “Sometimes you need to know when to utilize outside resources like CauseMic, who are experts in these kinds of website migrations.”

    Surfrider Foundation

    Ruarri Serpa
    Senior Technology Manager

  • “CauseMic managing timelines and deadlines was everything.”

    Gus Gates
    West Coast Regional Director

  • “Project management work from Franny was very helpful to not have to keep track of the entire project and dependencies.”

    Ed Mazzarella
    Senior Director of Network Strategy

  • “HubSpot CMS was a good selection to fit our needs.”


    Michelle Kremer
    Chief Operating Officer

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