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Year End Donations Fund Running Water

Case Study

Fundraising Campaign Plan and Execution

World Bicycle Relief

Empowering individuals to access education, healthcare, and economic opportunities through life-changing bicycles.

The Challenge

World Bicycle Relief provides vital mobility in rural regions around the world with their game-changing Buffalo Bicycle. The Buffalo is designed to serve those who have to travel long distances over rugged terrain with heavy cargo.

Their long-term vision “is to inspire all sectors to address the transportation needs for nearly one billion people who need to get to school, work or healthcare.”

When they came to us, their two mid-year campaigns had distinct goals. However, the campaigns became problematic, as they (a) lacked fresh approaches; (b) conflicted with overlapping timing; (c) created internal confusion as to marketing strategies for each; and (d) created external confusion for supporters over how they should engage.

Moreover, they were strapped by capacity constraints when it came to driving new creative, effective thought while supporting leaders across five markets globally.

Accordingly, World Bicycle Relief needed answers to questions like:

  • How do we evolve creative offerings tailored to our three key target audiences?
    1. Mass market
    2. Corporate partners
    3. Employees of corporate partners
  • How can we successfully merge two of our primary campaigns: Pedal to Empower and the Mid-Year Appeal?


A smiling man in Africa using a bicycle for work

Our Solution

To address World Bicycle Relief’s challenges and questions, we:

  • Refined the Pedal to Empower narrative and generated three phases within this campaign instead of fielding two separate campaigns:

    1. Phase 1 – Lead acquisition and peer-to-peer fundraising for the Pedal to Empower ride
    2. Phase 2 – Fundraising sprint that leveraged a $200,000 match campaign
    3. Phase 3 – A retargeting campaign that invited folks to make their first gift to World Bicycle Relief or deepen their investment by becoming a monthly donor.
  • Deepened paid social investment by almost tenfold to widen brand awareness, acquire new leads, and increase donations
  • Leveraged multichannel marketing (email, social media ads, direct mail, organic social)
  • Introduced new segmentation to drive conversions at each phase of the campaign
  • Revised core messaging to align stakeholders around a compelling narrative that would work for both their brand awareness and fundraising goals
  • Developed a new project plan that allowed us to support their existing marketing team and generate alignment and consistency across all five global markets

The Results


Raised during campaign


Year-over-year increase in revenue*


New supporters added to be cultivated for ongoing support

Increased paid media drove 52% of all website traffic during the campaign

* Most of this was raised during June 2023 in spite of (a) the U.S. debt-ceiling talks creating greater economic uncertainty, and (b) following a year when nonprofit spending online was down 4% year over year

  • "CauseMic streamlined our process, eliminating a lot of back and forth between stakeholders.”

    WBR Team Member
    via Anonymous Internal Survey

  • "CauseMic’s solution of condensing two campaigns into one created less overall work for both planning and execution phases.”

    WBR Team Member
    via Anonymous Internal Survey

  • "CauseMic helped produce clearer and more robust pitch materials for corporate solicitations.”

    WBR Team Member
    via Anonymous Internal Survey

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