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Core Messaging Development

Wisconsin Family Ties

Providing support and resources for families of children with mental health challenges

The Challenge

Founded in 1987, Wisconsin Family Ties (WFT) is a parent-led family wellness organization providing peer support for families of children with mental health challenges. Their mission includes improving children’s mental health policy through advocacy, working closely with child-serving professionals, and helping parents use their voice to change systems that impact the lives of their kids.

WFT initially came to CauseMic after the height of the covid pandemic, when they recognized a need to diversify their revenue sources. WFT’s work had historically been funded primarily through contracts with human services agencies and the small amount they raised from individual donors had plateaued for two consecutive years. 

We immediately saw an opportunity to invest in their existing relationships with strategic messaging and make a more effective case for support that would drive individual donor conversion.

The challenge is that while WFT was tackling incredibly important work, they didn’t have clear or compelling messaging that the broader team could use to articulate their unique mission and value proposition to donors. They were accustomed to relying on their passionate Executive Director to tell their story and win hearts, but he was stretched too thin as it was, and the team needed a resource to guide their collective fundraising efforts.

Wisconsin Family Ties had three key questions they needed help answering:

  • How can we communicate the importance of our unique model?
  • How can we articulate why donors should support us?
  • What is our value proposition?

Our Solution

After conducting interviews with internal subject matter experts and auditing existing collateral, we began to craft a new story for WFT including:
  • An organizational-level narrative with context statements, examples of impact, and supporting statistics to help their team champion their unique mission, services, and model to their donors.
  • A clear value proposition and strong case for support.
  • An origin story and description of their vision.
  • Actionable, inspiring appeal statements.

The Results

Wisconsin Family Ties can integrate core messaging into all of their channels to create unified, multi-channel fundraising campaigns.

They have a clear value proposition to make their case for support to donors and drive conversion.

A centralized messaging document equips every team member with turnkey communications they can use to steward relationships and speak to their constituents.

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It all starts with a compelling story.

Do your potential donors know what makes your nonprofit so essential, effective, and unique? We have helped hundreds of nonprofits refine their messaging to reach donors with a clear, consistent messaging that inspires donations. 

We can help you tell your story, too.

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