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Case Study

Rapid Growth Workshop

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard & Port Hueneme

Helping youth reach their fullest potential through a positive environment, lifelong learning, and quality programs

The Challenge

Founded in 1954, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme (BGCOP) provides a safe, positive place for youth during non-school hours through its main location and over 20 satellite facilities.
BGCOP helps its young patrons reach their fullest potential by focusing on “the arts, education, character and leadership development, health and recreation.”
The organization benefited from a successful $5M fundraising campaign along with an unrestricted $3.2M donation from Mackenzie Scott. However, they needed to leverage these growing reserves to improve both their programmatic work and their board’s way of working.
Moreover, BGCOP required actionable tasking to help advance their strategic goals. But due to Covid-19, capacity constraints prevented the development of a full strategic plan.


So CauseMic was brought in to address an overarching question:

  • How can we become a higher-functioning board, connect more with one another, and advance our programming? 
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard & Port Hueneme

Our Solution

To bridge the absence of a formal strategic plan and outline a roadmap to address their issues:
  • CauseMic met with the CEO to understand BGCOP’s challenges and determine the best path forward to build a stronger functioning board of directors.
  • CauseMic conducted a half-day “How Might We” workshop, enabling board members to align on their core challenges to becoming a higher-functioning board.

The Results

By addressing their challenges, board members were able to identify four primary goals:
  • Engage parents to guide their efforts
  • Improve onboarding of new members
  • Build on individual board member strengths
  • Establish key performance indicators to drive measurable success

CauseMic and the board created 60-day plans to achieve each goal, along with a prioritized backlog of needed initiatives with assigned task owners

  • “You did a great job facilitating our board advance!”

    Erin Antrim
    Chief Executive Officer

  • "CauseMic did a fantastic job facilitating. I loved their energy, exercises, and overall approach."

    Dr. Tracy Blois
    Vice Board Chair

  • “We all enjoyed the retreat immensely. I’ve heard nothing but great things from our board.”

    Andrew Peake
    Vice President of Advancement

Make the most of your top-level meetings.

Adopting an inclusive workshop process helps ensure the best, most feasible notions surface from all your meeting participants. With CauseMic’s expert, facilitated structure, you’re well on your way to a successful, solution-oriented gathering.

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