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Case Study

HubSpot CMS Implementation & Website Redesign

Animal Haven

Finding homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the New York City Tri-State area.

The Challenge

Serving the New York City Tri-State area since 1967, nonprofit Animal Haven provides shelter and adoption services for rescued cats and dogs.

Its dedicated team delivers expert care to enhance an animal’s chances for lasting adoption, such as training, rehabilitation, enrichment outings, and post-adoption support.

From their staff to volunteers to supporters, the passion for enriching the lives of homeless animals is evident throughout the life of each pet.

However, Animal Haven’s website did not effectively communicate their comprehensive mission involving shelter, skilled care, adoption, and ongoing pet support. They needed to tell a compelling story and clearly position their unique value for potential stakeholders.

Moreover, the website was difficult to navigate and the steps to adopt were unclear.

Lastly, Animal Haven’s Wordpress site required a hefty amount of custom coding and band-aid solutions to effectively feature adoptable pets. This presented not only a notable challenge to ensure the adoption choices remained current, but a real pathway to staff burnout.

CauseMic needed to address the following questions from Animal Haven:

  • How can we effectively connect our technology systems so available adoptable pets are automatically featured on our website?
  • How can we reduce our dependency on custom-coded solutions for our website? 
  • How can we best leverage the HubSpot platform to maximize our capabilities beyond the website? 
  • How can we modernize our existing brand to effectively tell our story and to create a visually engaging website experience?
  • How do we improve the digital adoption process for a friction-free user experience?

Our Solution

  • We recommended HubSpot as the primary content management system to support Animal Haven’s desire for a smooth user adoption experience, provide an intuitive editing experience for back-end users, and easily integrate with other marketing tools including forms and e-mail applications.
  • After implementing HubSpot, we developed a custom API integration with Animal Haven’s ShelterLuv adoption portal. With manual effort no longer needed, this automatically created a pet listing page whenever a new animal was available for adoption.
  • We facilitated the reconfiguration of Animal Haven’s sitemap to make information architecture clear and concise to a first-time visitor.
  • CauseMic and Animal Haven incorporated HubSpot forms into the redesigned website to improve the collection of contact information and supporter data.
  • We coached Animal Haven through three rounds of design review, not only to ensure concept designs fit well within the new look and feel of the updated website, but to tell a compelling story and visually engage the user.

The Results

Animal Haven benefits from significantly improved website management, including a notable decrease of manual effort, capacity issues, and potential staff burnout.

The end product created a user-friendly experience, not only for back-end personnel but for potential adopters and supporters.

The website facelift presented a clean and modern look, one that promoted Animal Haven’s branding by fully telling their story with visual appeal and engaging content.

Providing clear and simple steps to follow, the new website greatly streamlined the online adoption process.

The improved capture of supporter data enabled audience segmentation for more relevant, personalized communication with stakeholders.

"Internally, it felt like a rough time for us to launch a new website. But CauseMic was so supportive throughout the entire process, and I knew we were in great hands! We really couldn’t have asked for more. CauseMic is top tier.”


Nicole Chan
Director of Marketing & Communications

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