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Trade hassle for hustle, unlock efficiency and growth.

Technology Assessment: Your Upgrade Starts Here

CauseMic offers a comprehensive technology assessment tailored to your nonprofit's goals and needs.

We identify essential platforms and integrations, distinguish "nice to have" features, and provide a clear overview of expected investments. Our technical experts have helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders align on new platforms, avoid pitfalls, and expedite decisions. 

Deliverables can include:

  • Prioritized user stories that specify your team’s system requirements 

  • Current systems map 

  • Future systems map 

  • Vendor matrix for relevant platforms and functionality

  • Implementation plan, including cost estimates for platform and service fees  

CRM Implementation and Optimization: Simplify Your Workload

When a technical consultant at CauseMic implements or optimizes your organization’s CRM, we’re determined to make your day-to-day work easier and your efforts more effective.

After we understand your goals and requirements, we help streamline your processes, improve collaboration and reporting, and allow your team to focus on cultivating relationships with supporters rather than navigating technical complexities.

CauseMic specializes in:

  • CRM implementation and optimization 

  • Donation platform implementation and integration

  • Process development and optimization 

  • Marketing automation

Certifications and Expertise: We’re Biased for Best-in-Class 

When you partner with CauseMic’s consultants to recommend, implement, or integrate technology solutions for your organization, we’re relentless about ensuring your requirements are met and transparent where a platform might fall short.

Our team has deep experience in the following platforms due to their ability to meet, and often exceed, the needs of nonprofits seeking increased efficiency and revenue growth.



Unlock a comprehensive view of your donor base with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. CauseMic provides strategic partnership beyond setup and training, collaborating on growth plans supported by over 10 years of successful Salesforce implementations.


Fundraise Up

We frequently implement Fundraise Up to boost conversion rates and gift amounts for our clients. Its CRM integration, customizable forms, and AI-driven personalized suggestions maximize donations. Plus, with zero annual fees and donor transaction cost options, it's a cost-effective winning solution. 



As a Certified Platinum Level Implementation Partner, CauseMic empowers nonprofits with HubSpot's powerful integrated marketing suite. Maximize your impact with game-changing marketing tools, an easy to use CRM, and native integrations with other nonprofit technologies. And, HubSpot offers a 40% discount to nonprofits.

We’d love to help your nonprofit grow.

We’d love to help your nonprofit grow.

Connect with Matt, Bobbi, or Brian to discuss how we can support your growth ambitions.

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