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Services – Nonprofit Fundraising

We don’t just offer advice — we bring solutions to life.

Rapid Growth Plan: Your Actionable Fundraising Strategy

CauseMic's Rapid Growth Plan is a concise alternative to the lengthy, bloated, and seldom-revisited nonprofit strategic plan.

Through focused and structured discussions, we collaborate with you to prioritize fundraising and marketing initiatives in consideration of impact and cost. CauseMic's growth consultants expertly guide you through each step, challenging or validating assumptions, and documenting key decisions.


One-page strategic plan

A simplified, powerful plan that captures your organization’s fundraising goals and helps every teammate understand how their work ladders up. 

Project backlog

A tool to document and rank projects that will help you reach your goals, prioritized based on impact and cost. 

Key performance indicator tracker

To help you measure what matters in light of your recently defined one-page strategic plan. 

CauseMic’s empowered dozens of nonprofits through the Rapid Growth Plan, including:

Team Meeting Facilitation: Quickly Get Aligned and Inspired

We excel at maximizing the value of your team meetings.

Our nonprofit consultants focus on aligning with your fundraising goals, designing inclusive exercises to achieve them, and crafting a plan your team can begin to implement right away. Whether you need an hour, a week, or a year’s worth of facilitated quarterly meetings, we’re here to amplify your productivity. 

CauseMic specializes in the facilitation of:

  • Strategic planning workshops

  • Nonprofit board retreats

  • Team offsites

  • Planning and retrospectives for campaigns, events, and projects

Fundraising Campaigns: Grow Your Donor Base with Intention

We create and execute multi-channel fundraising campaigns utilizing audience segmentation, personalization, and automation.

This approach enhances your team's efficiency, addresses capability gaps, and covers a spectrum of tasks, from email marketing to crafting a compelling case for support. Whether you’re looking for strategy and guidance, or full implementation of the plan, we’ve got you covered.

CauseMic specializes in:

  • Year-end fundraising campaigns

  • Monthly giving

  • Automated donor journeys 

  • Campaign project management

We’d love to help your nonprofit grow.

We’d love to help your nonprofit grow.

Connect with Matt, Bobbi, or Brian to discuss how we can support your growth ambitions.

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