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How to Use HubSpot Marketing Hub to Measure Nonprofit ROI

While nonprofits exist to serve clients in need rather than stockholders, they do share a few things in common with their for-profit counterparts:

  1. Both have to adapt in order to grow or survive
  2. Both engage their audiences to compete for available dollars within their sectors
  3. Both need to know which efforts are actually bringing those dollars in

So like for-profit organizations, it’s critical for nonprofits to understand which channels and messages are working and which are falling short of inspiring gifts.

In other words, nonprofits need to track their return on investment or marketing ROI.

Arguably, Nothing Makes Tracking ROI Easier than HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot reporting keeps you in the know with the top three key performance indicators (KPIs) for online giving: Website traffic, conversion rate, and average gift amount.

Particularly informative, HubSpot's website traffic analytics tool can help you identify which channels are driving people to your donation page.

Channels like social media platforms, email campaigns, paid ads, organic search, and referrals from other web pages linked to your own. Think how valuable it is to know the quality and quantity of website leads, including sources that are the most effective at prompting visitors to give to your cause—and importantly, which ones aren’t.

In gauging the effectiveness of sources, most nonprofit marketers attribute donations to the last interaction a donor had with a nonprofit before making a gift, like opening an email or responding to a text.

However, when it comes to determining ROI, it’s not necessarily the last channel that’s responsible for an online donation. In fact, chances are, multiple touch points act in concert to convince an individual to become a donor.

Revenue Attribution—The Bigger Picture on What Inspired a Gift

While useful that HubSpot can determine last-touch (as well as first-touch) attribution involving donor journeys, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

That’s why HubSpot also offers nine different attribution models, each of which will allow you to look at revenue attribution through a slightly different lens.

Let’s say that a contact had online engagements including a newsletter and a paid ad, but also had offline interactions such as attending a gala and receiving a phone call from a major gift officer. After all this, the contact decided to make a notable donation.

HubSpot’s customizable attribution reporting allows you to choose the model that best matches your current goals, giving you a powerful, realistic look at what’s working across your entire marketing program.


You can easily see the value of knowing which channels do the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing in donations. And when we help our clients integrate Fundraise Up with HubSpot, they can really start to see significant growth in online gives.

Fundraise Up: A Smart Path to Greater Revenue

What’s so smart about using Fundraise Up?

In short, you can feel confident about putting more of your marketing budget behind the content and channels that drive traffic. That’s because Fundraise Up’s highly optimized giving form greatly reduces abandonment on the donation page.

A major cause of such abandonment is friction when encountering the giving process, like donation pages with unintuitive information, clutter, a confusing workflow, or “banner blindness” that causes donors to miss important information or calls to action. 

Fundraise Up eliminates such friction with embeddable, lightning-fast forms that are optimized for visual appeal, mobile devices, and virtually every type of payment.

What’s more, the form uses AI for things like increasing the average gift amount, nudging donors into monthly giving, and determining which donors should be encouraged to cover card fees associated with their donations.

With seamless precision, donation information then flows from Fundraise Up into HubSpot Marketing Hub.

This enables not only an instant read on, say, marketing campaign performance, but an opportunity for HubSpot marketing automation to send donors on personalized journeys for the greatest impact (again, like prompting them into monthly giving).

It all comes down to maximizing ROI—and CauseMic is here to help.

If you need assistance evaluating online marketing and fundraising solutions, just book a free Scale Session with us. We’re happy to get you started!

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