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Why We’re Attending the Collaborative

When we decide to attend or present at a conference, we have a few requirements. First, we’re seeking to absorb and/or deliver inspiring and actionable content. Second, an abundance of opportunities to meet individuals who are challenging the status quo and hellbent on solving big, hairy problems. Last, we prefer the venue be within walking distance to some of the hosting city’s best restaurants and watering holes so we can actually get to know people beyond their professional titles. That’s why we’re headed to the Collaborative, hosted by Classy June 11-13 in Boston. Classy avoids using the word “conference” because it reminds us of poorly wallpapered hotel rooms and mandatory ice breakers. But here’s why it checks all the boxes:  

1. Inspiring, actionable content

Over three days, the Collaborative hosts more than 100 speakers and 1,200 nonprofit professionals who are leading and participating in hands-on workshops, fireside chats, and TED-style talks with tangible takeaways. Color us giddy.   

2. Meet status quo challengers

Classy uses the phrase “intentional networking” to remind us that lolly gagging is frowned upon. Coffee dates, hubs, office hours, happy hours – attendees are given every opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas and contact info.  

3. Location, location, location

Hotel ballrooms? No thanks. The Collaborative is hosted at Flynn Cruiseport Boston in the city’s revitalized Seaport District. It’s a waterfront venue that once served as a World War I warehouse and is now a bustling cruise terminal with plenty of nearby options for a quality lobster roll and a Sam Adams.   

4. Ear-to-the-ground insights

We love pie-in-the-sky idea exchanges just as much as we enjoy our time in the weeds. The Collaborative strikes a balance on delivering the 30,000-foot view, but also encourages attendees to talk through the tactics and optimization techniques from peers who are responsible for implementation of say, setting up an effective text flow or a landing page that converts.  

5. Choose your own adventure

The Collaborative’s got options. Interested in a hands-on workshop? Cool. Need an inspiration boost? Sign up for an insight talk. Prefer some private space to explore a potential partnership or quiet time to crank on a pesky deadline? It’s all there. Attendees are in the drivers seat and let’s be honest – the most valuable exchanges usually occur over a cup of coffee or a bar napkin so make time before and after the scheduled agenda to continue the conversation.   If you’ve made it this far, and you’ll be attending the 2019 Collaborative, we invite you to connect with our team. CauseMic is leading two speaking sessions and offering complimentary strategy sessions to nonprofit leaders who are eager to brainstorm or tackle a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.