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Welcome to CauseMic’s Blog

Who Should Read This Blog?   

CauseMic exists to help and empower you – an eager professional in the nonprofit sector who’s ready to deploy proven digital strategies to fund your mission-driven organization.

Who is CauseMic?

CauseMic is a marketing agency that exclusively serves nonprofit organizations that are poised to take fundraising to the next level. Our staff – the CauseMic Crew – implements digital marketing and technology strategies to engage nonprofit supporters and increase their value to organizations. Our tagline says it better: We amplify your cause.

What’s Our Purpose?

We’re allergic to mediocrity and prefer to go all in, serving as an extension of the nonprofits we amplify. However, we know resource-constrained organizations are thirsty for best practices as they grow bird-sized sand tracks into Sasquatch-caliber footprints. We’re here to deliver tangible, no-BS takeaways to help you attract and cultivate supporters.

What’s Next?

The CauseMic Crew creates content to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions heard from nonprofit leaders and executers. Some examples include:
  • “How do I grow a pool of unrestricted revenue?”
  • “How do I turn a one-time donor into a monthly contributor?”
  • “How do I diversify funding for my organization?”
  • “What should I include in a new donor welcome series?”
  • “Should I be fundraising on Facebook?”
We’ll highlight recommended tactics and strategies via our blog and invite you to our in-depth CauseMic Academy online courses, including Launch or Reboot Your Monthly Giving Program in 90 Days. Meanwhile, you’re cordially invited to sign up for CauseMic’s pro-tips delivered via email. We’re not going to waste your time with lazy research or invites to overpriced, underwhelming conferences – we’re here to help you amplify your cause. Thanks for tuning in!

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