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  Webinar - $15

How to Craft a Compelling Value Proposition that Inspires Donations

Learn the ins and outs of this vital communications tool

Casting your nonprofit as unique, your value proposition is a crucial component for all marketing and outreach. It should convincingly address the single most important question everyone asks before they donate: Why should I give to your organization?

Cost: $15.00

In our webinar, we’ll cover everything you need for a good answer, including:

  • The must-haves of a strong nonprofit value proposition
  • How to evaluate whether your value proposition needs help
  • A simple yet effective framework you can use to refine your value proposition

Don’t miss out—solidify your nonprofit’s vital foundation for effective messaging!

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen

CauseMic, Growth Consultant

With over a decade’s worth of nonprofit experience, I bring a steady approach to your growth and communications strategy. Together, we’ll help your donors feel seen and known as you widen your impact.

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