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Webinar - $15

How to Inspire Major Gifts with Great Storytelling

Turn supporters into brand heroes

Are you struggling to find and engage major donors and unlock their full giving potential?

Watch our webinar and discover the power of storytelling to captivate your audience, build trust, and inspire gifts that are truly transformative.

Cost: $15.00

You’ll learn:

  • Brand Storytelling 101— Using credibility and advocacy to craft compelling stories that combine measurable impact and emotional appeal
  • Tailoring for Multiple Audiences— Ensuring consistency while adapting your brand story to reach new donors with major potential, current donors with upgrade opportunities, and existing major donors
  • Storytelling Across Channels— Leveraging various channels and resources to tell your brand story effectively
Erin Cavender

Erin Cavender

CauseMic, Digital Marketing Strategist

Erin has a background in building marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and brings data and creativity together to help nonprofits shine.

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