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Webinar - $15

How to Know if HubSpot is the Right CRM for You

Learn if it’s time to take the HubSpot leap

Are outdated or complex systems draining your nonprofit’s time and energy? Are you wrestling with technology when you should be focused on driving impact?

An efficient, easy-to-use tech stack is crucial, not just for a nonprofit’s growth but ultimately for its survival.

Cost: $15.00

Watch our webinar for an executive view of whether HubSpot's CRM is right for your team. You’ll learn:

  • If you actually need a new client relationship management system
  • The true benefits of using HubSpot
  • When HubSpot may not be a good fit for your nonprofit (even with its recent upgrades) 

Along with the recorded webinar, you’ll also receive a copy of our slide deck and a recorded nonprofit HubSpot demo.

Katya Manges

Katya Manges

CauseMic, Technology Consultant

With a deep knowledge on how the HubSpot ecosystem can benefit nonprofits, Katya helps organizations identify, implement, and optimize technology solutions to achieve their goals. 

Matt Scott

Matt Scott

CauseMic, Co-Founder and CEO

Matt is author of The High-Growth Nonprofit and an experienced fundraiser who helped Team Rubicon scale from $275K to $51M in annual revenue.

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