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  Webinar - $25

How to Secure a Capacity Grant to Pay for Your Nonprofit's Digital Transformation

Learn how to fund an upgrade of your technology stack

Is your technology outdated and/or hard to use? If so, you’re not alone! Upgrading your technology is an investment that you can get funded by major donors and foundations. 

Cost: $25

In this webinar, you’ll gain practical, actionable knowledge and learn:

  • Why a digital transformation is essential for growing revenue and expanding your impact
  • The ballpark cost and timeline of a digital transformation
  • How to get a major donor or foundation to fund your digital transformation
Matt Scott

Matt Scott

CauseMic, Co-Founder and CEO

Matt is author of The High-Growth Nonprofit and an experienced fundraiser who helped Team Rubicon scale from $275K to $51M in annual revenue.

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