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Webinar - $15

How to Use Corporate Partnerships to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Brand Awareness

Learn how to tap into corporate marketing dollars and why

Are you missing out on brand awareness opportunities by asking companies to donate money instead of building a partnership with their marketing team?

Cost: $15.00

In this interactive online workshop, you’ll gain practical, actionable knowledge and learn:

  • Why corporate marketing dollars are more valuable than philanthropic donations
  • How to identify corporate partnerships that align with your unique value proposition
  • How to position your nonprofit as a strategic marketing partner 
  • The anatomy of a successful co-branded awareness campaign that includes both your nonprofit and a corporate partner 

Each attendee will also receive access to the webinar recording, along with our slide deck that outlines the recommended approach to a highly effective corporate partner program.  

Erin Cavender

Erin Cavender

CauseMic Digital Marketing Strategist

Erin has a background in building marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and brings data and creativity together to help nonprofits shine. 

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