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Webinar: Effective Text Message Strategy

By Franny Lown
Incorporating text messaging into your nonprofit’s overall strategy to raise money online can completely change the way your organization interacts with supporters. With a few tips and tricks, it’s simpler than you may think! It’s easy to see why incorporating SMS (short message service) into your marketing and fundraising strategy can be beneficial to your nonprofit organization thanks to the sky-high open rates text messaging provides. But how do you use it effectively?   CauseMic CEO Matt Scott had the chance to sit down with Justin and Angelina of Funraise to discuss the best practices for engaging your supporters with text messaging. If you’re looking to get up and running with text marketing quickly, consider this webinar your one-stop-shop. Matt, Justin, and Angelina sit down to discuss: 
  1. What role does text messaging play in a multi-channel engagement strategy? 
  2. How do you effectively use text messaging to raise money? 
  3. What should I be doing in the next 30/60/90 days to implement an SMS strategy to engage supporters? 
  4. What kind of nonprofits will text engagement work for? 
  5. What are the benefits?