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How can we leverage technology, storytelling, and design to help a local nonprofit expand its impact?


Across 34 cities, Walk With Sally is providing hope to children experiencing trauma through a parent, guardian, or sibling’s cancer journey. By pairing kids with mentors, Walk With Sally is creating a community of support that is centered on a child’s individual needs. They came to CauseMic to identify and optimize technology solutions that would empower them to scale their impact with a small but mighty team.

“Working with the CauseMic crew has been a total gift. Their expertise has provided manpower, tools, and resources we just didn’t have. They are thorough, talented, and an absolute joy to work with. Most of all, they seem to love our organization as much as we do,” Page Sacks, Director of Communications and Special Events at Walk With Sally.

Customizing Content Journeys

We started by optimizing their approach to email, creating highly customized content journeys for their supporters. We applied these techniques to Friendship Bowl, their annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, allowing Walk With Sally to transform passionate supporters into professional fundraisers.

The results? A 158% increase in campaign revenue that fully funded 16 mentorships.

Connecting Investments to Impact

To convert one-time donors into long-time supporters, we launched Friends of Sally, a monthly giving program specifically designed to create a community of supporters deeply connected to the cause. We implemented a multi-channel engagement strategy that established social proof and connected a monthly donors’ ongoing gift to the programmatic impact on kids affected by cancer. By sharing stories of impact throughout the year, we were able to call upon monthly donors to give an additional gift during key moments throughout the year. One of those moments being year-end.



Developing a Formula for Sustainable Revenue

CauseMic helped Walk With Sally’s lean team best utilize their most precious resource - time - on the donors with the highest potential to give. Leveraging Pardot, we configured scoring and grading profiles designed to identify major donors. We tracked donors’ interactions with Walk With Sally’s content - emails, blogs, videos, in-person events - to drive up their score. We compared this to the formula we applied for evaluating a donor’s capacity to give a major gift-giving history, job title, age, home ownership - to assign them a grade. Then, we built a workflow that tasked Walk With Sally’s development director to conduct personalized outreach to donors with the highest scores and grades. This ensured she could focus her time where it had the greatest impact.



Maximizing a Supporter's Lifetime Value

We identified other opportunities to increase the total lifetime value of Walk With Sally’s supporters, to include volunteering, giving annually, or attending an event. We built a combination of welcome series - social, email, text and in-person events - for new supporters, new donors, monthly donors, mentors and event attendees. Each was designed to express gratitude, demonstrate impact, and ultimately increase involvement.

All told, we helped drive an increase in volunteer hours by 294 percent, leading to a 20 percent increase in community activities designed to give mentees access to new experiences and opportunities to engage with the larger Walk With Sally community.

All of these efforts were an investment in the future. We developed a way for Walk With Sally to quantify these investments to supporters, which resulted in reduced donor churn and the coveted Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.

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