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Twilio SIGNAL: How Can Omnichannel Engagement Increase ROI?

Positioning the Supporter as the Hero


CauseMic CEO Matt Scott posed this question and explored what the large outdoor gear company and animal rescue nonprofit have in common at the Twilio SIGNAL conference last week in San Francisco. Developers and nonprofit professionals united to listen in and now you can, too. 

We won’t bury the lead – the connection between Patagonia and the Humane Society comes down to presenting nonprofit supporters and for-profit customers as the hero. For example, Patagonia is laser-focused on their mission to save our home planet, and customers choose to shop there in the interest of making conscious decisions to reduce environmental impact. The customers are the ones making Patagonia’s mission a reality – not the other way around. So what can nonprofits learn from this for-profit marketing strategy? Position your supporter as the hero.

Here’s what we cover: How can your nonprofit empower supporters by creating a sense of connection to your cause?

Map out a hero’s journey

    • Who is your audience?
    • What connects them to your cause?
    • What is their preferred communication channel(s)?
    • How do people actually interact and engage with your content? Are you seeing low email deliverability but high social media engagement?

Develop your hero’s persona

    • Evaluate existing data – what worked in the past? What didn’t work?
    • Deploy surveys – test your assumptions by reaching out to your existing supporters
    • Conduct interviews – validate your findings

Identify “The Why”

Select the right channels for your supporters

    • Evaluate cost and effectiveness of existing channels
    • Ask supporters about their preferences
    • Test and validate other channel opportunities

Position supporters as the hero in your nonprofit’s narrative, because their investments truly enable your organization’s critical work.