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How can a nonprofit stand out to a corporation’s marketing department as a worthy investment?


Five million of the world’s 140 million orphaned children are in Ethiopia, where Selamta Family Project pairs a Selamta-trained mother with eight to ten orphaned children to create a Forever Family, otherwise known as a permanent family that prioritizes education, spirituality, and health.


Empowering Selamta’s Community of Supporters

Selamta approached CauseMic to professionalize and maximize their annual 5K, a peer-to-peer fundraising event. While leveraging technology, storytelling, and design, we not only doubled revenue generated by the event - raising $50,108 - we also helped unlock Selamta’s full potential by leveraging an influential corporate partner in Travelocity.  


A Match for Cause Marketing

We seized an opportunity to send two of our CauseMic Crew members to Ethiopia to volunteer with Selamta Family Project, as a part of Travelocity’s #TravelforGood campaign. While in country, we worked with Travelocity to capture the incredible story and impact of Selamta. The trip resulted in increased brand awareness and an impactful corporate sponsorship.

By proactively reaching out to Travelocity’s marketing team with a clear plan to maximize ROI on their campaign KPIs, we demonstrated that working with Selamta was not like partnering with other nonprofits. We highlighted Selamta as a thoughtful, sophisticated organization that understood how to deliver value with corporate sponsors while supporting underserved communities in Ethiopia. This approach to cause marketing was a departure from their status quo, which historically relied on philanthropic grants.



Building a Stream of Predictable Revenue

With increased brand awareness from the #TravelforGood campaign, CauseMic elevated Selamta Family Project’s monthly giving program. We gave it a new brand identity - Heart and Home, tying giving levels to programmatic outcomes. We leveraged a time-based campaign to quickly add new monthly donors and then optimized Selamta’s website to prominently feature monthly giving year-round. We prioritized outreach to major donors, resulting in an average monthly gift of $76, 46% higher than the national average.


Show, Don’t Tell

Our mission is to empower nonprofits to do the most good. We’re most proud of showing Selamta Family Project how to build upon the strategies and tactics we first deployed for them. With that insight, they successfully launched Selamta Family Dinners, a campaign designed to bring people together around a table to learn more about the orphan crisis in Ethiopia and pledge to get involved.

With a multi-channel engagement strategy, Selamta empowered hosts around the country to raise money and awareness for Selamta’s incredible work. CauseMic joined the movement, hosting a dinner in Portland, OR, where we proudly shared Selamta’s incredible story with more than 70 attendees.

"Working with the CauseMic team has been a total gift. Their expertise has provided manpower, tools and resources we just don’t have and can’t afford internally right now. They are thorough, talented and an absolute joy to work with. Most of all, they seem to love our organization as much as we do.”—Marisa Stam, Executive Director, Selamta Family Project

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