Solve big problems.
Make tough decisions.
In less time.

The problem-solving framework is a simple, short, but powerful group exercise that can be run in-person or remotely with distributed teams.

This structured exercise is a part of our Rapid Growth Workshop for strategic planning.



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Replace run-of-the-mill, brainstorming meetings with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions, and better outcomes.



What is it?

The problem-solving framework is an inclusive, hour-ish-long exercise to solve a problem or make a decision. It’ll leave you and your team feeling involved, energized, productive - and it gives you tangible, actionable results.



Who can use it?

This exercise can be used by anyone looking to create more productive meetings and happier teams. Watch the video, get ready to take notes, and put the exercise into action.



Why is it useful?

It helps you replace all open-ended, unstructured meetings with a clear process. Instead of never-ending discussions and constant back-and-forth, you can use this simple exercise to encourage creativity and foster innovation.

The problem-solving framework is one of several exercises featured in CauseMic's Rapid Growth Workshop, designed to help nonprofit leadership teams build a winning and actionable strategic plan over the course of three weeks.


Who is CauseMic?

Founded in 2013, CauseMic is a growth consultancy that helps nonprofits and mission-driven organizations quickly grow revenue and impact. 

Matt and Bobbi of CauseMic help leadership teams design a winning, action-oriented strategy that enables organizations to grow quickly and sustainably.

They’re trained facilitators who help groups align on their business purpose, critical challenges, and generate coordinated actions to overcome them.