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Prioritize Your To-Do List with the Impact Matrix

You’d be hard-pressed to find a nonprofit professional who isn’t juggling multiple responsibilities with limited time and resources. Thanks, Captain Obvious. While your passion for the mission keeps your tank full for a while, you’ll hit the point where you must spend your days at work more wisely. That is, learning what you must pause and where you and your teammates should truly invest your precious time. A quick video tutorial on leveraging the impact matrix below. Utilize the impact matrix to help define high-impact and low-cost initiatives that are helping you achieve success, however that’s defined for you. While this may seem too easy to be helpful, the exercise of documenting and assessing your team’s tasks, required inputs (hours, dollars, etc.), and outcomes can shift perspective and drive everyone toward a shared understanding of what must continue, what can be paused, and what should be prioritized in order to achieve your goals.

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