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Podcast: How Nonprofits are Adapting to a Global Pandemic

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Recently, CauseMic CEO and cofounder Matt Scott joined up with Dan Bruton on the PDX Executive Podcast to discuss what it means to run a business that serves nonprofit organizations given the current climate. The PDX Executive Podcast gives voice to inspiring individuals who are changing the game in our home base of Portland, Oregon. The topic for this episode: how nonprofits are adapting to meet the needs of supporters and beneficiaries through a global pandemic.

“Adaptability is key right now. The organizations that are looking ahead and pivoting their work on the fly will be able to evaluate what adaptations they can carry forward to the future to strengthen their organization in the long run,” Matt shared. 

Incorporating elements of communication technology like text messaging will continue to be important no matter the climate, so using this time to find effective ways to communicate and optimize those experiences is vital. 

“Right now donors are thirsty to absorb information that isn’t all doom and gloom, and nonprofits have powerful stories to tell,” Matt added. The CauseMic Crew knows forward-looking, impact-driven messaging outperforms desperate appeals. “Help us stay afloat” is not an effective solicitation. “Read how we’ve shifted X, Y, and Z to serve our community, and your investment enables us to continue this critical work” is what’s resonating. 

Eager to hear more? Listen to the full episode as Dan & Matt discuss what it really means to pivot and stay afloat amidst a world of uncertainty. 


Listen to the full episode