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Podcast: Nonprofit Radio

By Franny Lown

Recently, CauseMic CEO Matt Scott chatted with Tony Martignetti of Nonprofit RadioThey discussed the systems, processes and methods needed to successfully fundraise at a moment’s notice, and what this can look like for a nonprofit of any size. 

There comes a time when newsworthy events occur, creating an opportunity to elevate an organization’s brand and bottom line. When these moments happen, fundraisers should be ready to rapidly and effectively flash fundraise in order to both galvanize your base of supporters and engage new ones.

Matt and Tony dive right into some of these essential questions: 

  1. What is flash fundraising? 
  2. What are the essential elements needed to successfully flash fundraise? 
  3. Why should your organization capitalize on newsworthy moments? 
  4. How suddenly does your organization need to be ready? 
  5. What kind of communications systems should your organization have in place? 
  6. What kind of technology do you need? 

Listen to the full Podcast here!