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How can a nonprofit leverage technology and automation to lessen the burden on a small but mighty team?


Every year, the Pat Tillman Foundation receives thousands of scholarship applications from military veterans and their spouses nationwide. Up to 60 of the best-poised leaders, who show strength in character, academic excellence and incredible potential, are selected as Tillman Scholars. These individuals apply the best lessons they’ve learned in life and the military to have a lasting impact in the fields of medicine, business, law, science, education and the arts.

The Pat Tillman Foundation came to CauseMic with a challenge to create a space for current fellows, alumni, and mentors to collaborate online. What emerged from our engagement was much more. Leveraging Salesforce Communities and PeopleGrove, we streamlined the application process and built an online portal to help foster connections and collaboration.

What was once an onerous, manual process for reviewing thousands of applications became automatic. All the data generated through the scholarship applications, selection process, and beyond was organized in a single place. Program staff were able to easily identify which scholars were most engaged and which were in need of extra support. Engagement with applicants, current scholars and alumni were made easy, as an omnichannel engagement plan was created and deployed.

“CauseMic overhauled the way our foundation operates programmatically - they were able to synthesize several legacy systems into a new Salesforce instance and automate so much of what we had been doing manually. The new processes will save hundreds of hours each year and tremendously improved our ability to quickly analyze metrics, pull information, maintain updated records with ease, and has opened up transparency and visibility throughout the entire organization.”—Elizabeth O’Herrin Lee, Former Program Director, Pat Tillman Foundation

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