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Launch or Reboot Your Organization’s Monthly Giving Program in 90 Days

Do you work for a nonprofit that’s struggling to even out the peaks and valleys of an annual fundraising calendar? Are you looking to grow your pool of unrestricted funds? Then it’s time to invest in an online training program to help you build and grow your monthly giving program.

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The stable, predictable revenue generated by a monthly giving program is enormously valuable, and more nonprofits are catching on. Industry wide, monthly giving grew by 40% in 2017! 

Are you ready to deploy our industry leading best practices to get in on predictable unrestricted funding?

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a Predictable, Unrestricted Revenue Stream For Nonprofits Of All Sizes

So your organization hasn’t yet invested in a monthly giving program? Perhaps it’s because:

  • You didn’t quite have the knowledge on staff to execute a robust monthly giving program
  • You and your colleagues are spread thin on time and resources but recognize its importance
  • You might not have realized that monthly giving could be so valuable in the long run

What Can You Expect?

Through an online curriculum you can complete at your own pace, CauseMic Academy provides step-by-step guidance on how to build or reboot your monthly giving program. You’ll receive instruction on how to maximize the lifetime value of your supporters, including an immediate action plan. If you run into any challenges or questions, just let our crew know and we’ll help you get through any tasks that may seem insurmountable. Ready to fire up your monthly giving program? 

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Until March 1, 2019 – $665

Until April 1, 2019 – $775

Beginning April 1, 2019 – $995

Through CauseMic’s Monthly Giving in 90 Days program, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan and set realistic goals for a monthly giving program
  • Develop key personas to target those likely to give monthly in support of your organization
  • Create a brand identity and creative concept for your tribe of monthly donors
  • Conduct a technology audit to ensure you have the tools to grow your monthly giving program
  • Identify which channels will be most effective to promote monthly giving
  • Build a detailed communications plan – who, when, where, and what
  • Craft an effective copy and design strategy to reach prospective monthly givers
  • Launch and grow your monthly giving program through tactics such as optimization of messaging and creative, impact reporting, effective methods of showing thanks, exclusive offers, and more.


  • 90-Day curriculum, delivered weekly
  • Action plans to help keep you on pace
  • Digestible, results-driven guidance on how to launch or reboot your organization’s monthly giving program

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Who is CauseMic?

CauseMic is a marketing consulting firm that empowers nonprofits to leverage technology, storytelling, and design to raise money and awareness online. The CauseMic Crew is made up of fundraising and marketing professionals from the nonprofit sector. Bringing decades of experience from within start-ups and 100-year-old institutions, the CauseMic Crew is dedicated to helping you scale your nonprofit and amplify your cause.

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