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Instagram Unveils New “Personal Fundraiser” Feature

Instagram personal fundraiser blog

Earlier this week, Instagram announced they were rolling out a new personal fundraising feature to help businesses and individuals raise money for the causes they care about amidst COVID-19. This new feature is available in the US, UK, and Ireland on Android, soon to follow by iOS. 

Each fundraiser lasts for 30 days, and can be extended more than once for an additional 30 days. Users must be 18 years of age or older to participate. When people donate to a personal fundraiser, users can choose to keep their information hidden, but you will be able to see their username, name on their profile and donation amount.

Instagram added donation stickers to the fundraising arsenal in November of last year, offering this fundraising feature to verified nonprofit organizations and businesses. This new ‘personal fundraiser’ feature will extend these opportunities to individuals. 

Instagram personal fundraiser feature
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If you haven’t already, get started with Instagram Donation Stickers here. In this announcement, Instagram shared, “Since January, people have raised more than $US 100 million for COVID-19 fundraisers globally across Instagram and Facebook. In the last 30 days, donations on Instagram have doubled in the US.” 


How to get started with personal fundraising stickers on Android:

  • Head to your Instagram profile
  • Tap “Edit Profile”
  • Tap “Add Fundraiser” and select “Raise Money”
  • Choose a photo and select the fundraiser category. Categories include “crisis relief’, ‘faith’, ‘hobbies’ and ‘pets and animals’, to name a few.
  • After you’ve selected the category, add details to help tell your story and encourage others to donate
  • Facebook processes online payments via Stripe, so you’ll need to share that information to collect funds
  • Once that is set-up, tap “send” and your fundraiser will be reviewed by Instagram/Facebook for approval. You can raise funds for an existing cause, or create your own.


Keep your Instagram strategy rolling and read more on the differences between the donation sticker feature in stories and the donation button feature for nonprofits to start collecting funds today.