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Friendship Bowl

CauseMic managed Walk With Sally’s annual Friendship Bowl peer-to-peer campaign from end to end. This included strategic and tactical execution of the theme and related graphics, a campaign microsite buildout, and communications to inspire fundraisers. The results led to 20 Walk With Sally friendships directly funded by the growth in revenue.

increase in campaign revenue
more transacting fundraisers
growth in donations
Classy 100 Honoree

CauseMic’s method increased Walk With Sally’s peer-to-peer event revenue by 158% and rocketed their organization to #18 on The Classy 100, a list of the platform’s top growing nonprofits.

Working with the CauseMic team has been a total gift. Their expertise has provided manpower, tools and resources we just don’t have and can’t afford internally right now. They are thorough, talented, and an absolute joy to work with. Most of all, they seem to love our organization as much as we do.”

Director of Communications and Special Events, WALK WITH SALLY

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