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Exploring The New Instagram Donation Feature

By Franny Lown
At the annual F8 Conference in March, Instagram unveiled the much anticipated donation sticker on stories. Instagram vowed to cover all operating costs for this new feature, meaning 100 percent of donations will go directly to the nonprofit. This is a great innovation for nonprofit fundraising, as it connects the donor with the nonprofit by requiring the donor to input their email. As a result, nonprofits can properly thank supporters and foster meaningful communication—something Facebook fundraising has yet to implement. Users are able to post a donation sticker from any Instagram account, whether it be an organization or personal account. Organizations can use this new feature to leverage fundraising appeals, while supporters can also post a donation sticker for the causes they care about. The donation sticker works with both video and photo assets. Once posted, organizations and supporters alike can simply swipe up on the story to view the total amount raised and who donated to the cause. In order for nonprofit organizations to be eligible to receive donations, a few details need to be put in place. Organizations must first sign up for charitable giving tools through Facebook (which owns Instagram), link their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and make sure their Instagram is registered as a business account. This effectively verifies the nonprofit or charitable organization account for tax purposes so the donations can flow in. This resource is a great place to start. If the nonprofit organization has already gone through this process to receive donations through Facebook, these steps will fly by. Once the organization is verified, the fundraising can begin. The following guide will walk you through the step-by-step process for how to use this new donation sticker effectively.

Step One

From the news feed, click on the story icon in the top left corner. Choose a photo or video asset to share. Click on the “add media” button to find the donation sticker.

Step Two

Scroll down or search for “donation” to select the blue and green sticker.

Step Three

Choose which organization to support and click on their account. If posting from a nonprofit organization account, users can still choose that same nonprofit organization.

Step Four

The fundraising prompt automatically appears as “Help Support <NAME OF NONPROFIT>” like the example seen below, but it’s easily customizable.

Step Five

Post the donation appeal to the instagram story and encourage supporters to do the same. Followers of theirs can help support your cause by clicking the link! Happy fundraising!
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