Free Report: What We Learned from Donating to 152 Nonprofits

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Did you know approximately 83 percent of users who land on a nonprofit’s donation page never make a gift? Meaning they’ve probably clicked their way across a donate button, landed on a page designed to complete their transaction, and then abandoned ship. 

Eighty-three percent is entirely too high, and while we cannot control the motivations and behaviors of our website visitors, we can and must optimize the donation process based on the data and insights we have available to us in 2020. 

The CauseMic Crew embarked upon a research project to evaluate the donation pages of 152 nonprofit organizations. We set out to answer the following questions: 

  • How easy was it to find a donation button? Where was it featured on the homepage?
  • How many clicks did it take to make a donation?
  • Were we asked for non-essential information in order to complete our donation?
  • Were there any distractions on the donation page?
  • Was there a clear value proposition that let us know what funds would support?
  • Was the donation page secure?
  • Was there an option to give monthly?
  • Was the page mobile friendly?
  • Was it easy to make a donation? 

In addition to assembling the data to capture the current state of donation pages, we incorporated recommendations around where to easily optimize the process. Here’s a few key findings worth sharing: 

  • 90 percent of organizations we made a gift to included or required non-essential information in the checkout process. This is an area for improvement, as we look to simplify the time it takes to make a gift. Collect the necessary info up front, save the rest for after that gift has been collected. More on this in the assessment. 
  • 44 percent required a donor to fill out 11 or more fields to complete a donation, when it’s possible to collect a donation with as few as 5. 
  • More than 50 percent displayed a weak or no value proposition on what a donation would be supporting. While brevity is appreciated, research shows that describing the impact of a donor’s gift with 5-7 supporting sentences can actually increase the conversion rate. 
  • Just 24 percent included an option to pay with digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, PayPal) when more than half of nonprofit web traffic comes from mobile and tablet users. 


Download the entire donation page assessment, and get concrete tips on how to develop an optimized, friction-free experience for those looking to invest their hard-earned dollars into your mission.