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How to Create a Community of Monthly Donors

Build Loyalty and Belonging through your Nonprofit’s Monthly Giving Program  

By causemic
Monthly giving creates dependable, consistent revenue for nonprofits. Inspiring someone to give monthly takes some effort, but it’s worth every hour and penny you invest if done right. Retention of your monthly donors is equally important as recruiting them. If you’re in the process of creating or re-launching your monthly giving program, we invite you to reimagine what that could look like.  What is the secret ingredient of keeping monthly donors engaged? Community. By building a community, individuals are connected by a shared desire to contribute to the mission, and in turn, motivated to financially giveDon’t underestimate the influence of connection as a way to foster a sustainable monthly giving program.  Where do you start?

Give Your Monthly Giving Program a Name

Build brand awareness and create a sense of belonging and connection by giving your monthly giving program a unique nameFor exampleWalk with Sally, a nonprofit that offers mentoring programs for children whose family have experienced cancer, named their monthly giving program Friends of Sally. Sally represents anyone who has ever battled cancer. By joining Friends of Sally, donors can actively walk alongside individuals who have faced the hardships that come with being affected by a loved one’s cancer. Friends of Sally is powerful example of a monthly giving program name because it simultaneously encompasses a story which you as a donor become a part of.    When imagining your monthly giving program, be creative, tell a story, and develop a message that goes beyond dollars (e.g, friendship, hope, happiness, etc.) Answer who, why, and what to help take your monthly giving program to the next level:
  1. Whose lives does your monthly giving change?
  2. Why is it important to join this particular community?
  3. What is unique about this monthly giving program?
TIP: Create a name that’s in line with your larger organization. Don’t pick something too obscure or unrelated to the core mission of who donors are helping.

Showcase the Value of Monthly Gifts

As a fundraiser, it is your responsibility to give clear and measurable reasons for why monthly giving is more impactful than a one-time donation. Take Team Rubicon Australia – they’ve clearly laid out the reasons monthly giving is crucial to being able to serve those impacted by disasters. Many times, donors seek tangible reasons for why their monthly gifts are important, so take the time to let them know. TIP: Be succinct and transparent when demonstrating the value of your monthly giving program.  

Make Donating Monthly Easy

Ensure the monthly donation option is highly visible. Whenever someone searches for your organization online, make it clear where to donate by adding a tab specifically for donating directly on the webpage. For example, Movember, which hosts events to raise awareness about men’s health, includes a clear option to give monthly on their “ways to donate” page. TIP: Mix it up by using “Get Involved” instead of “Donate,” especially if your organization is driven by volunteers. Take it one extra step by creating a monthly giving landing page that includes the program’s name, value statements, testimonials from monthly donors, and program statistics. Operation Gratitude’s monthly donation page below is a great example. TIP: Be deliberate with the design of your donation page. Use your organization’s brand guidelines – colors, logo, and key messaging – but also use this as an opportunity to create a fresh twist on the organization. Include your strongest images and video, those which showcase action, impact, and emotion if possible.

Emphasize Community

Offer monthly contributors unique opportunities to get to know fellow monthly contributors. By hosting events just for monthly donors, virtual meet-ups, a Facebook group, and regularly connecting, you’re not only keeping monthly donors engaged, but you’re also demonstrating their impact and creating excitement and buy-in. TIP: Interview a few monthly givers to draw out testimonials around who they are and why they give. Then highlight these individuals on your monthly donor page!

Suggest Giving Levels and Quantify Impact

Create giving levels that visually outline the impact a monthly donation could have. In other words, help individuals imagine what their funds can be used for. Walk with Sally created meaningful giving levels that outlined how different amounts could directly impact their programs, and ultimately, benefit those they serve. Identify the stakeholders in your organization to help create giving levels. TIP: Though you may not have clear, outlined money trails like the example above, you can still optimize monthly giving by making it a very visible option in your donation check out process. Check out All Hands and Hearts Monthly giving page below. Inspired to act? Start taking the steps outlined above to build your online community of monthly donors. And if you’re interested in taking a monthly giving program to the next level, sign up for CauseMic Academy’s “Launch or Reboot Your Monthly Giving Program in 90 Days.”

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