Collaborative 2019 | Belay On! - CauseMic

Summit with CauseMic at the Collaborative

June 11-13, 2019 in Boston

2 speaking sessions · 20 free tactical planning sessions

The value that CauseMic brings to our customers is unmatched by any other consultants. As Classy's first Certified Strategic Partner, CauseMic has had tremendous success in leveraging the Classy platform to raise millions of dollars. Beyond that, they've been instrumental over the years in helping make Classy what it is today.

Free Tactical Planning Session

Collaborative attendees are invited to schedule time with CauseMic’s experts on the topic of your choice. Whether you’re aiming to diversify your donor file, implement new technology, or create a revenue-generating content strategy, let us help define your best opportunities.

Limited sessions available.

Speaking Sessions

You come to the Collaborative to be inspired and to learn.

Kick-off Your 90-Day Action Plan to Grow Your Monthly Giving Program

Start down a deliberate path to build a community of loyal monthly donors giving unrestricted gifts. Walk away with clear goals, a monthly donor persona in hand, a list of names for your branded program and free access to our proven online curriculum.

The Power of Culture: How Team Rubicon Scaled from $275K to $40 Million in 7 Years

Learn how the disaster response organization built a culture of growth and how you can and must do the same.

Who is CauseMic?

CauseMic is a digital marketing agency that empowers nonprofits to leverage technology, storytelling, and design to raise money and awareness online. The CauseMic Crew is made up of fundraising and marketing professionals from the nonprofit sector. Bringing decades of experience from within start-ups and 100-year-old institutions, the CauseMic Crew is dedicated to helping you scale your nonprofit and amplify your cause.