7 Fundraising Apps To Keep On Your Radar

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Nonprofits are innovating to keep up with an evolving digital landscape. The widespread use of direct mail has decreased as email reigns communications queen, and door-to-door fundraising has morphed into peer-to-peer digital campaigns. Today, we can leverage fundraising apps optimized for on-the-go giving.  On average, Americans check their phones every 12 minutes – that’s roughly 80 times a day. While we should all work to decrease that statistic, getting in front of your supporters on the device they use most frequently has advantages.  These fundraising apps are sure to keep your nonprofit fundraising in the 21st century. Begin by evaluating your tech stack and see where you can leverage these options. We’ll keep it short and sweet.   

1. Instagram Donation Stickers

causemic instagram donation stickerThis new Instagram feature has made quite the splash in the fundraising pool. Instagram Stories are used by 500 million people daily – and though the goal is not to reach each of those 500 million users, this social media trend is not one to be ignored. Especially if you’re aiming to speak to younger supporters Haven’t used Instagram Donation Stickers before? Getting started is easy.  

2. Facebook Fundraising

causemic on facebook fundraisingAh, the infamous Facebook fundraiser. While we are cautiously optimistic about Facebook Fundraising (ahem, show me the donor data), it’s a smart tool to keep in your back pocket. Again, not a platform to ignore! Facebook is currently used by 2.23 billion people daily – so taking the time to work Facebook Fundraising into your strategy is likely worth the extra effort. Evaluate the opportunities to meet your audience here and right-size your organization’s effort.  

3. GoFundMe

causemic on gofundme appWhen you simply search “fundraising” in the app store, GoFundMe is likely the first thing to show up. While GoFundMe is best known for personal fundraising endeavors (medical expenses or animal welfare), it can be leveraged for nonprofit or charitable organizations as well.  With a 0% platform fee, organizers are able to keep a higher percentage of proceeds. American Cancer Society, Unicef, and American Red Cross are a few charities that have benefitted from leveraging this app.  

4. RoundUp App

causemic on roundup appThe RoundUp app keeps track of your supporters’ purchases and rounds up each swipe to the nearest dollar – and it adds up. Users create a free account, link their cards of choice, and choose the organization they wish to benefit.  Funds are processed monthly, so supporters are able to see their pending round ups and growth over time. For the financially conscious, it’s easy to set a donation cap if they do not wish to exceed a certain spending amount. This is a great way to encourage your supporters to give $15-$20 in monthly donations.  

5. Charity Miles

causemic on charity miles The Charity Miles app is designed for your athletically-inclined supporters to fundraise as they walk, run, or bike. No marathons required to fundraise here – users can simply create a “pledge page” where friends and family can support or sponsor a run or bike ride to a charity of choice.     

6. Planet Fundraiser

causemic on planet fundraiserComparable to RoundUp, Planet Fundraiser connects a percentage of supporter purchases to schools, communities, or your nonprofit. What separates Planet Fundraiser from RoundUp is how the donation occurs. Supporters can choose what percentage of their purchases will be donated and benefit from participating organizations that offer a percentage of their proceeds on top of your supporters. Win-win!  

7. DonorPerfect

causemic and donor perfect DonorPerfect acts as a donor management system, on-the-go. An alternative option for nonprofits with a small but mighty supporter base. While it should not replace your CRM, it can easily be used as backup. Keep track of upcoming donor appointments, call or email your contacts from within the app, and even find donors close to your current location.    While we’re not suggesting that you bring ALL of these apps into your orbit, it’s good practice to keep them on your radar. Depending on your organization’s needs, you might be gravitated towards enlisting RoundUp over GoFundMe for example. Find what will work for your nonprofit, and consider leveraging donations for an upcoming fundraising campaign. 

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